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Stacey Stuart explores the herbaceous plant as an analogy to cultural differences, value systems and societal expectations of appearance and conformity. “The difference between a weed and a flower is judgement”.







‘What I have learned through my painting and scraping and building of layers and textures (as is my creative process) is that what matters is that I respect and honour my own value, find a way to throw my roots down wherever I am tossed and continue to proffer wishes for the world around me.’ – Stacey
















artist : Stacey Stuart


Stacey Stuart is a self taught abstract Artist who graduated from Waterloo University with a degree in Social Development Studies. Raised by an art professor and practising artist, Stacey combines her fascination with human behaviours and cultural differences with her artistic process.
Stacey’s creative process involves layering acrylics and epoxy resins which are then carved into, rubbed and drilled. Bits and pieces of a challenging past are revealed through the canvas, grounded by lighter more ethereal areas.

Stacey Stuart’s work has been featured in many solo and group exhibitions in Canada and Germany and can be found in private and corporate collections throughout Canada, the United States, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico and Germany. She has lived in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, New South Wales, Australia, Berlin, Germany and is currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand.

The exhibition will be accompanied by two public workshops and artist talks, along with a public opening night, taking place March 6th, 2021 from 6:00 onwards
Venue : PLAY Art House
Date : March 06- April 04, 2021
Opening Hours : Tue-Thu 11-16, Fri- Sun 11-18
For further information please contact PLAY Art House, 993 Songwat Bangkok, Thailand
Telephone: 099 252 9191


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