Can I Be Real?



Can I Be Real?


by passing through my painting? and become a part of its fantasy ,unfathomably deep into its thought. In those realistically unreal moments, I can be real.




Puntita Meeboonsabai




the eyes of tiger through fire 122x150cm oil on aluminium




self protrait with a sparrow 55x43cm oil on aluminium




soft heart stong attempt 120x160cm oil on aliminium




the superior queen 120x180cm oil on linen




self portrait 70x90cm oil on aluminium




rainy rose parade 120x140cm oil on canvas




scene2 5 seconds later 120x150cm oil on canvas




scene 1 120x150cm oil on canvas




lotus field 40x100cm oil on brass




the founding ceremony of sir tiger2 120x160cm oil on linen




if I were a sculptor 80x60cm oil on aluminium




Me myself in 100 years a self portrait 36x50cm oil on mirror




feel blue 70x90cm oil on aluminium




vanishing point 60x120cm oil on aluminium






artist : Puntita Meeboonsabai






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