M.L. Rojanatorn na Songkhla




A flaw in every piece has been sung beautifully and harmonized them into a world of M.L.Rojanatorn. Her Design is more than words can describe. It sparks and uncuts our soul like a nice sunset sky by the river of nostalgia. You could wear them like a poet reciting poem of life and its beauty.These are the samples which make her the master of a rhyme.











































































all pieces designed by artist : M.L. Rojanatorn na Songkhla
all jewelleries and the whole collection from her 35 years works will be displayed in her charity Book which will launched at the end of next years, stay tune!



photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk
assisted by Ekkapong Tantipolprasert, Jumphol Siri-in
styled by Daneenart Buranakasikorn
style assistant by Jittida Kemkomnerd, Natticha Sresiri
produced by Sivika Prakobsantisukh





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