– A link between reality and imagination-






SUNSET 2010 Acrylic, golden leaf




MOHER 2018 Acrylic, ink, charcoal




NOCTURNAL 2018 Acrylic, ink

“In the night sleep, the imagination is put in motion. It seems that the stars reach the sea and vice versa. The limits are not clear between both protagonists. Back, the cliffs, observe the fusion, while from above, the moonlight, as a focus of a stage, full everything”.




SPARRING PARTNER (Diptych) 2020 Acrylic, ink, fabric




ONCE UPON A TIME 2020 Ink and thread on cotton paper



“I use to believe in my absolute freedom. Suddenly the borders threatened my horizon. that’s when something new was born”.




REFLECTIONS OF MELANCHOLY 2017 Acrylic, golden leaf, thread




ARASHI (STORM) 2020 Ink and thread on craft paper




KRABI 2020 Acrylic, ink



“As I was listening how the notes of the music were drawing the landscape and vice versa, the colors and the atmosphere filled everything. This dance during the sunsets on Tubkaek beach in Krabi was engraved on me and months later it reached the canvas”.




NOMAD 2018 Acrylic, ink



“On the horizon we see the surface, mobile, dynamic. The body is able to move and change its position, its strategy. Under the ground are the roots; what we carry wherever we go. It is the ancestral legacy, the womb of your mother, the bowels of your land. Nomad is not only the person who migrates physically, it is also the person who migrates inside … we all are”.












-A link between reality and imagination-
08 Nov-20 Dec 2020 at PLAT ART HOUSE :
993 Song Wat Rd, Chakkrawat Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100





When Karina Retuert (Santiago de Chile, 1974) finished her Graphic Design Career in 2001, she could not imagine that after dedicating 15 years to her designer career, she would spend most of her days facing the challenge of a canvas, with paint brushes in her hand and completely devoted to the process.
Her connection to the art is very emotional and spontaneous. There is nothing planned, no drawing, only the encounter with the white, empty canvas and the need to express her feelings in colors. That freedom marks her artwork. It transfers us to everyday images, but seen from another point of view, so that we can see them as other spaces.
Restlessness then becomes real interest and the courses she takes in Germany help her to focus on her artistic journey. On her return to Chile in 2006, she continues her artistic career and sets the solo exhibition “Atmospheres” in Vandorp gallery and part of the collective exhibition, “A window to diversity” in the GIZ gallery.
In 2014 she arrives in Mexico and longs not only for the ocean, the mountains and the fusion of Chilean landscapes, but also for the sadness felt in Germany and the lineal esthetic from that country. That joined to the present of an explosive Mexico, intense in colors and contrasts. Her artwork becomes a constant dialogue between past and present, between calmness of the ocean and darkness of the stormy clouds, between colors that mix and collide at the same time.
Karina currently resides in Bangkok, Thailand where she continues with her artistic work, embedding in a diametrically different culture and inspired by new colors and urban and natural intensities.

P : +66 (0)98 791 3427








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