We experience and see the world with emotions. And so one’s interpretation of life’s occurrence is dictated by their set of emotions. Emotions create reality.

“I create abstract paintings to manifest my reality – freely”

The colors are my emotions. The strokes and lines on display are my stuggles and challenges. And the various materials, rich in sentimental value and social construct, selected for my canvases represent my life’s circumstances.

This all started way back in 2007 when I graduated from Monash University Melbourne with a Bachelor degree in Fine Art. Since then, I had been observing life with a new set of eyes. I was curious and had a taste for vibrance. And so I devoted my time to my career in fashion. I was passionate. I am passionate. But I had fallen prey to complacency.

Then came Covid-19. The devastating pandemic brought along unprecedented hardship and uncertainty. It unfolded a whole new circumstance and a cocktail of emotions that are both confusing and thrilling. Complacency was impossible to maintain now. And so by sheer luck brought forth by the worldwide economic shutdown, I had found the time and courage to reflect on my priorities and return to that which motivated me most. Balancing chaos and order with paint brushes. A paint brush in one hand, a color palette in the other and a blank canvas laid bare in front of me ready to manifest my emotions and reality that go beyond language.




























The result is such a mess. Chaotic. But refreshingly truthful. I was reminded by my own abstract paintings that in life, there is entropy. And living life is all about learning how to deal with entropy well enough to find joy in moments of order and certainly.

In chaos and order, there’s beauty.

Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk



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