‘ I created a #100daychallenge for myself with an intention to practice being present, honouring my time and honing my crafts. I feel extremely grateful for this opportunity to reset and reconnect with myself while redefining and recreating a different version of myself moving forward. ‘
– Teema Rucksajit



As Aboves So Below








Abstract : The Abstract series that I’m creating is my practice of Surrendering. It is not an act of ‘Giving up’ but the act of ‘Letting go’. It’s the act of setting an intention and accepting the outcome. It’s about ‘leading’ versus ‘forcing’. It’s about having integrity and learning to trust the universe. It’s feeling your power while you think you are losing it.



Lemon 1



Being 004






Night Call











Why : This project was originated with an intention of practicing my self-awareness, cherishing my Time, honing the crafts, expanding skills and pushing far out my boundaries and comfortzone as opposed to monetizing which came secondly in intentions.
Throughout the journey I wanted to share and bring this aliveness and awareness. My wish is that it reaches as many people as possible, touches those whom I know and don’t know and inspire and serve. I believe that it’s uniqueness will call to the people that resonate with it and trust that it will serve those that are in response to it. I hope it serves them to a greater and deeper understanding of themselves and to be reminded of something that is meaningful, keeping us connected to our awareness of existence and our purposes. I hope it adds to their life and not just taking up spaces.












One Ness






Thoughts 001



Being 002


Medium : Digital-Painting | Prints
I’d like to keep this limited in print-production as I’d like the creations to be appreciated as the ‘originals’ more so than ‘reproductions’, still hold its uniqueness in which it is highly misunderstood due to its nature form of Digital (-painting) medium.





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