‘Reviving the past’

‘Reviving the past’


Inspired by a chinese clog painter family’s story and the prolonged history of Song wat road,
‘Kon Wad Kia’ is exhibited to express the stories of Song wat road through the art of
Chinese clog painting. In collaboration with 6 modern day artists, this exhibition
will repaint the emptiness on the forgotten chinese clogs and revive
the story of Song wat to live again at PLAY art house.


PLAY art house with
Alongkorn Lorwattana
Palut Marod
Terdkiat Wangwacharakul
Tetat Tanachoktaweeporn
Jung Narate
Pahas Tongting

























































The exhibition ‘Kon Wad Kiah’ will be held on
August 1st-August 23rd
Mon-Fir : 11.00-16.00
Sat-Sun : 11.00-17.00



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