The Reflection


Tada Varich












This is both the reflection of the city and also the reflection of my true self when i was strucgled in the loneliest city in the world with a single penny in the pocket. In a whole month, I could only buy one box of polaroid to take these pictures which could take only one shot,no extras. Many times, I stood staring in the same spot for so long and didn’t decide to take the picture as i was afraid to waste my polaroid and came back on the other day to do the same and shot. When i looked back to those pictures, I found myself standing there relecting the mournful feelings inside of me eventhough it was the delightful and vivacious summer time in New York. I learned a lot from this experience especially to visualise things without seeing through the lens.And no matter how hard my life and how sad it was, I am very pleased with the results.






































artist Tada Varich



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