Self Quarantine

These are the stunning images captured by two reknown bangkok-based photographers. In the time of change, life has been struggling in its own way.






SELF by Plug Sutthiwat Sangkong

Sutthiwat Sangkong photographed himself after his work dried up due to the coronavirus outbreak. Coronavirus has changed his daily life. He quarantined himself at home. After spending most time inside, his awkwardness led him to express his inner self by photographed himself nude from a new perspective.









































KLONG TOEY by Chardchakaj Waikawee


In the time that everyone fears Covid-19, they tend to stay home and wear a mask when going outside to protect themselves. But they may not know that Covid-19 have also affected many lives. Someone hasn’t had any income at all because they can’t go out to work. People start to be more anxious about staying home indefinitely than infecting themselves with the virus. I am in Klong Toey. I see people going back to live normally. They open the shops and mingle in a public space. I see children running freely with their friends and a group of people drinking together like they don’t care about the disease at all. Instead, they care about not having anything to eat. This is a small community in Bangkok, where people fear poverty than virus.































































Director / Photographer

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