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artist : Ugo Li


Everyday inspiration

Ugo Li was surrounded by creativity from an early age. His father was in fact a painter and he spent much of his childhood following his parents around art galleries, so it seemed only natural that he should become a painter. Ugo Li’s work is highly personal, inspired by both major life events and the small everyday moments that constitute one’s existence. His paintings explore the intersections of dreams, memory, personal history and daily life. Media Musings Ugo Li often takes his inspiration from the colorful advertising that pervades society. He plays with words and slogans that appear isolated on the canvas and are intended to provide more of a pictorial purpose since they are removed from their original commercial context. For Ugo Li the canvas becomes a place to project his emotions, he often removes and repaints the work until he is happy with the dialogue that has emerged.


Ugo Li has exhibited in both solo and group shows internationally in cities such as, New York, Bangkok, France and Montreal. His work belongs to collections around Europe.

Born : March 14th 1987, Currently based in Paris,
2006: Salon d’automne de Barentin, FRANCE (group exhibition). 
2006 : Biennal d’art contemporain du Bourg St Léger, FRANCE (group exhibition). 2007 : 20 years, 20 artists”, the French National Assembly Gallery, Paris FRANCE (group exhibition).
2011 : Grande Galerie, Ecole des Beaux Arts de Rouen, FRANCE (group exhibition) 2012 : COMO SI FUERA LA PRIMERA O LA ULTIMA VEZ / Expériences Progressives, Montréal,CANADA (group exhibition) 
2012 : L’Escalier, Montréal, CANADA (solo exhibition) 
2012 : The Plant, Montréal, CANADA (group exhibition) 
2013 : “Moving Picture Desire”, D Gallery, New York (group exhibition) 
2013 : “Roommates looking for motion n a sunny and beautiful apartment”, Montreal,CANADA (group exhibition)
2014 : “ Oscillation” Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand (group exhibition) 2014 : “Luxx art fair” Luxx Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand (Art Fair)
2014 : “I love you too”, New perspective of art, Le Meridien, Bangkok, Thailand, (solo exhibition)
2016 : HOTEL ART FAIR, Ad Lib, The BARN, Bangkok, Thailand (Art Fair)
2016 : TIMELAND, Yenakart villa gallery, Bangkok Thailand (group exhibition)
2016 : FLAC, Foir loi 1901 d’Art Contemporain, Rouen, France (group exhibition) 2016 : Ugo’s LAIR, Chowhy Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand, (solo exhibition )
2017 : UNTITLED, Gallery SO- Softel, Hua hin, Thailand (solo exhibition)
2018 : FLAC#2, Foir loi 1901 d’Art Contemporain, Rouen, France (group exhibition) 2018 : Beyond / Beneath, Scene Gallery at Whiteline, Bangkok, Thailand (Collaboration with Soichiro Shimizu)
2020 : Brussels Art Fair ; Brussels, Singulart gallery




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