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Lots of people ask me about taking pictures on the street. Does it show no respect to the subject whatever it is, a man, a woman, a cattle or even a building? I guess, it is all about the attitude of you who take that photograph. When I was once studying in London, I took a trip to Morocco on my own. I have an intention to do some photos of a people, being in their situation like workers or farmers or something just to show to my class that I can do journalism and can be more than the light-headed fashion people in their point of views. And I found out that I couldn’t do it. I remember sat down and cry when I tried to photograph a woman working hard in the field. I found it wrong. I took her photos just to prove that I was better than my friends in class thought I was. I abused this sweating woman working her fingers to the bone to feed her family just for a stupid reason. I came back to school empty handed and felt stronger than ever in what I could do best. After a few years, I started traveling again and found a new joy of taking up the scenes. I change my attitude in photography completely, I take photographs now to record the history, keep things I saw with my own eyes by a helping of my friend, a camera. Everything, everyone in my pictures here tell their own stories, their lives, their hope, their love and joy. I just recorded it. This included all models in my fashion photos I took for nearly 30 years of my career. These images were taken during my explorations to all wonderful cultures and people in the past 15 years. After a quarantine at home and see no hope in travel again on this every places’ situation, I mornfully retrospect all the happiest moments which has happened in my family tour.





Venice, Italy





Bhaktapur, Nepal








Soneva Kiri, Maldives







Nara, Japan





Yadz, Iran / Shiraz, Iran





Delhi, India







Shanghai, China








Damascus, Syria








Nara, Japan








Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi








Lalibela, Ethiopia / Harar, Ethiopia






Khan-El-Khalili, Cairo, Egypt / Abu Simbel, Aswan, Egypt







Tantangun,Bali, Indonesia / Ubud, Bali, Indonesia






Areguipa, Peru





Galle, Sri Lanka





Guatemala City / Chichicastenango, Guatemala





Ahmedabad, Gujjarat, India





Skoura Oasis, Quazazette, Morocco





Shanghai, China







Addis Ababa, Ethiopia






all photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk

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