Elephant is a national symbol which was once in the middle of Thai national flag. But in reality, they have been used for money such as in the wood industry ,
ridding and other entertainment industry. I heard a lot of sad stories about
elephant abused. To keep a long story short, I’m interested in
“elephant street begging” which make a lot of problems for Thailand and
has become a big issue for such a long time. Thai government tried to solve this problem but they didn’t realize that much in the core,
or may be they didn’t want to pay real attention on it,
One day I decided to work on this project
to bring street-begging elephant back home and along the way,
I tried to find a sustainable jobs for the elephants’ owners
(and of course for a sake of elephants’ happy life).
These pictures were taken and also to raise the fund on this project.
There is the biggest elephant street-begging business, they have been making money with this kind of work for long time. But since this project started almost a year ago, I have helped around 20 elephants back home and many more to come , fingers crossed. So, I have a strong intention to let the world to know and to concern about this issue. I think animal harassment should be a big concern in many developed countries all around the world.

Alizz Vichchou

Photographer : Alizz Vichchou

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