siamese fighting does everyone know about this tiny aquatic creature…?
our ancestry has been binding with these bettas for hundreads of years until they were announced as  Thailand’s national aquatic animal. Betta is a great warrior and also a great lover. It is aggressive which you cannot leave the other male in the same tank and yet you can’t neither leave the female as well. It will aggressively and beautifully attack the other, his gills flared, his fin set with all colours saturated in full scale.
Betta for me is like a charming dame gliding with beauty, temperamental, individual, rough and real. It is easy  to rouse by any perceptions, react straightforwardly and hence drawing my extreme fascination.
To capture them, you have to learn their ways of living, their characters,their moves which this can be applied to whatever you desire to photograph. It takes me two years to complete this project until I become one of the fighting fish myself, subconciously.






































































Patchara Aunsangchan (Bright)


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