A person who loves the ocean.

We, Human, have always been fascinated with ocean. Myth and fantasies have been created so much about her. She inspired everyone of us who can feel her existence.

Everyone connected to the ocean somehow. She is the origin of life on earth.There’s oxygen from ocean in every part of breath we take.She regulated our climate.She feed us…and keep us alive.

Therefore,Million of us are falling in love with her, the ocean and I am one of them.I wandered around the world to witness the wonderful underwaters and connected with a lover of the sea.

Parnupong Norasethkamol

Love the ocean,
Protect What You Love,
Parnupong Norasethkamol

Parnupong was born and grew up in Bangkok,Thailand. He studied architectural design and started his first dive in Phuket after he had graduated from university. Parnupong is an avid Thai diver who has a strong passion in the marvelous diving locations in Asia and around the world. He works full-time as a U/W videographer on many liveaboards that operate in best Asia’s dive destinations such as Komodo,Raja Ampat,Andaman sea,Palau ,etc.His underwater skills lead him to get awards in prominent world-class photo competitions.Now he works full-time on liveaboard in Indonesia. He is enjoyed with exploring the diverse reef in Indonesia. He loves to share his work to inspired people for saving our Ocean. Our Ocean, Our Responsibility.

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