I like to meet the locals in every countries I’ve visited. They  all own their beauty as they are, in their costumes, their grins, and in their very eyes. Although we spoke differrent languages but in our heart, we can understand each other. I love and respect their cultures, their cults and their believes. Those things teach me to realize that we are only a tiny part in the world. They also teach me that kindness and compassion is there in every corners in this wide world. Poverty, races or any other differences have not become major when we open our heart to see and hear whatever we found along the way while traveling. We still can find the beauty hidden in all men, in this world and in this hardship we met in life.

Sana’a –  YEMEN

Aswan – EGYPT

Kamakhya Temple,  Guwahati – INDIA

Cusco – PERU

Boutaghrar – MOROCCO

Lalibela – ETHIOPIA

Temple of Khnum, Esna – EGYPT

Blue Nile River, Bahir Dar – ETHIOPIA

Mexico city – MEXICO

Damuscus – SYRIA

Panjshambe Bazaar,  Minab – IRAN

Cusco – PERU

Banana Market, Colombo – SRILANKA

Damascus – SYRIA


Photographed by Sivika Prakobsantisuk

: writer and co-founder of “World at the Corner”, the independent bookshop in the heart of an old town in Bangkok.

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