As for wildlife animals, 
their most important things and necessities are the knowledge of survival skills taught by their mothers including from the other elders in their herd.  
As for carnivores such as tigers, the children will rely on their mothers for about two years.  During this two years the children will intensely practice hunting skills to survive in the wild by themselves before looking for their own territory.
For the herbivores who mostly live in a herd as one family, the small ones will be taken care of and are usually protected by the elders in order to grow up and live to the fullest.   
Every life, no matter which animals they are, if they lack this necessary childhood skills it will be such a wasteful time of their lives.
But sadly, there are numbers of wildlife who don’t have this opportunity.  They are kept, born and grow up inside cages.  They are living animals but the do not  “LIVE” their normal lives.





































Photographed by Prinyakorn voravan

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