she’s brilliant, she’s shiny, she’s adorable when we first met her. she resolved the
problem of cutting too many trees. and she is nearly forever.
we were used to have her in our lives until she became our family, our friend, our
neighborhood and we disgraced her by ignoring her and letting her flowing in the
air, floating in every water you can name, and filling other animals’ stomachs.
her name is POLYMER


she has an uncle NYLON, her nephew TEFLON and her little sister EPOXY.
they are all from the PLASTICOS family. yes! it sounds Greek but actually the
were from England from the CELLULOID’s origin (the same one as photographic film).
















































everybody was enjoy having her as their company without any idea who
she was, eventhough she can be reusable or even degradable. is she or-
ganic or pure synthetic? nobody seemed to care.
she was used and used and used and used then left alone,
rotten and broken along the wind.




























she lived and lived and lived
she could not be disappear as we are all wish she would,
she danced in the wind among other rotten friends, they were too tired to
talk to each other. she let herself be everywhere without knowing how
long has this will be going on and how far’s the end.
once she was born she could live more than 400 years.

without any intention, she had been eaten by hungry animal same like
she was eaten by all hungry human who thirst for innovation and conve-
nience without any care.
people called her MONSTER instead of POLYMER although they are
the one who created her and in love with her insanely.

that’s a story of PLASTIC MONSTER.































Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk
Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn
Make up by Chaidit Somsong
Producer Sivika Prakobsantisukh
Model Sala A1 Models
Photo Assistant Ekkapong Tantiponprasert, Jumphol Siriin
Style Assistant by Jittida Kemkomnerd, Chata kaewudon
Clothes by HEIDI’s Secret, Tawn C, Miu Miu, Land Mee, Milin, Wisharawish, Pony Storn, Ananvaraman Sangsurin, Kamolprapa Mahathorn, Kanjanapat Chaichalomewong





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