Chut Janthachotibutr portrays nature as a reflection of the truth about the concept of ‘change’. We, as humans, are a part of nature and changes we experience in everyday life are also natural. Through the nature of time, things go forward eternally in a pattern — the “present” will become the “past” and at one point, the past “is” what the future “was”. Along with this pattern, change is definite.

In observing things go through multiple transformations, the artist sees life as a cycle of changes. As time goes by, not only are the physical shapes of things altered, but also their psychological states such as emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Things always vary through the flow of time and it is natural that we can neither hold on to our beings nor bodies.


The artist presents a series of photographs of details, elements, and impressions of the nature, seasons, and shapes all in abstract forms intended to create a space that can trigger feelings and ideas about change, time, life and loss. His desire is to signify change as a truth, and being aware of this truth can alleviate us from all sadness created by losses.

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