Sense and Sensibility

A true sense of being is countlessly gifted. Beauty and Style are the key. Chamnan loves sketches and he loves beautiful women who have sense of style and most of all have sense of living gracefully. He read, watched, appreciated  and sketched them to express his honorable feeling to these wonderful women.


Honor Fraser : Model and Art dealer

Isabella Blow : Editor and muse of Philip treacy

Shalom Harlow : Model and Actress

Kristen McMenamy : Model

FeiFei Sun : Model

Tina Chow : American model and jewelry designer

Bernadetta Barzini : Model and Actress



“To me, in these days, style has become individual. The good thing is you can be whatever you cherished, and the worst is you don’t know what is it.”

Chamnan Pakdeesuk

Drawing by Chamnan Pakdeesuk

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