Her Own Reflection of Nature


There is so many ways of expressing oneself
without mention about one’s title, one’s identity and
even one’s sexual orientation.
Poyd Treechada Betcharat has been through all these.

“This shoot is not only about me or my own identity but also
about something bigger than us,
something about this world.
For the shoot, we first talked about me swap from what I am
back to what I have been in order to confuse the viewer on what
we look like and show them what we really are.
That was the concept of gender and identity which now becomes
the significant movement in society.
The look, the title means nothing to us at the end of the road.
What is counted more is what we can do to
what we strongly believe.”

“I feel hurt, angry, sad and deeply pity to people all around me
who neglect and ignore this.”

“I beg, I pray and try to communicate to anyone, any kind,
no matter who you are to develop their focus to something bigger
than sex titles and their looks that deceived.”

“To me, the pain point that always bother me most is that we,
as earth’s habitants have recklessly abused our planet and
natural resources without any care.”
Poyd added with the strong sense of living in her eyes.

Gender is very subjective now. It can be corrected in political point
of view or it can be free without any boundaries.
But when it comes to the world’s problems which involved all of us
to do whatever we can to save the environment,
it can be genderless.

“ From now, I don’t pay much attention on Fame and join
the concrete project involving with environment and any ecolo-
gical concerned. I don’t consider myself as an activist but a normal
who cannot take on any irresponsibility that we, as a destroyer,
have done to our home.”


Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk
Producer by Sivika Prakobsantisukh
Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn
Make up by Surapre Achirakul
Hair by Thanakorn Chanhom
Model Poy Treechada
Clothing – Poem, SON, VVON Sugunnasil, COS, H&M, Acne Studio
Shoes – COS, JW Anderson
Accessories – Dior
Photo Assistant by Ekkapong Tantiponprasert
Style Assistant by Jittida Kemkomnerd, Chata Kaewudon
Shot at Thongmuan Studio     facebook.com/thongmuanstudio

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