Tom Potisit and Surachai Saengsuwan

When looking back to the unfortunate events around us and the world, we had overcome many unexpected incidents daily. From natural disasters, accidents and terrorist attacks, one of the most important supports that have always been there is the medical support. Not only the medical experts which area always in need when such time comes , but the victims often in need of blood support, organs donation as well as the volunteers.

From his own experiences that he was born with three kidneys and one was failing and got him so ill that he couldn’t move for months, when he was hospitalised, he was exposed to how many people are waiting for organ donors and when he finally got his extra kidney removed he realised how important of the organ donation and donation toward the medical support is, so he teamed up with his friend Surachai Saengsuwan, a leading photographer to create a new concept of body, organs and blood donation campaign for the hospital and the Red Cross combing the best of two worlds fashion and medical.

1 organs donor can save up to 7 lives.

Highlighting 10 different donation programs from hair, eye, body, skin, time, medical equipments, artificial breast, hair and blood donation raising awareness across all types of people to communicate to everyone in Thailand.

This project is probably the most fashionable medical campaign which we don’t often see often or probably at all. Not only using the contrast of the medical and fashion world but we consider how to deliver the message and inspire people to step up and understand the various organs donation programs effectively.

Tom had an exhibition inside Chulalongkorn hospital where he got operated and raised more than 545 organ donors within 8 days of the exhibit and he wishes to have this exhibitions worldwide to raise awareness about how important to donate organs especially there are thousands of people waiting for organ donors in order to live normally everyday as they say

“ Don’t take your organs to heaven, heaven knows that we need them here”

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