Soiled Doves

The series ‘Soiled Doves’ was inspired by imagery of women, fictional and real, past and present, who are associated with sin.
We start with Eve, the first women, who with Adam, the first man, committed the original sin of indulgence and pleasure.
Next, we depict Cleopatra of Ancient Egypt, who seduced the most powerful man of the time, the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar.

Many centuries later during the Victorian era, prostitution became a wide-scale problem in British society. Here we depict what could have been a lady of the night (or a courtesan as referred to by the French) during that same period.

Moving on to the Japanese Geisha, who are not directly associated with sin but through a Western misconception have been misinterpreted because they provide hospitality and entertainment to men.

Lastly, we depict the common street walker who roams city streets offering her services.  










Victorian Cortesan







Today Street Walker




Photos Benya Hegenbarth
Stylist Telm Daneenart
Model Ksenia Vinogradova
Make up Andi Soon
Hair Cherrie



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