THERE … reveals humbly simple beauty
THERE … feels a force, a faith, a fantasy
THERE … gets me freely thinking of freedom
THERE … blows the wind of change to whisper for a change
Nothing means for nothing once we get to feel what THERE is…

Born in 1980, Peerapat ‘Add’ Wimolrungkarat is among the most notable life photographers in Thailand. Sense Of Place looks at the world through his eyes. A personal exploration of the self, the exhibition surveys Peerapat’s identity as a photographer and reconciles the internal images within himself with the external world.

Through his photography, the connection between the space and its living habitats is brought into focus as the stillness of the landscape flickers when interrupted by the subject. Juxtaposing the existence between the fluctuating flow of time and the landscape, what appears to the eye at first glance takes on a deeper meaning as subtle details start to emerge upon observation.


The exhibition will runs from 30 April 2019 till 16 June 2019 at Leica Gallery Bangkok, Gaysorn Plaza, Bangkok.  Add uses exclusively Leica cameras.



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