Truly Campaign Concept in 2017-2018 would be questioning the fashion industry that “ Why brand presenters must be model celebrity why not ordinary people cannot be the one represent brand attitude? So we bring common people with character to be brand model. Their instinct in fashion function not like in magazine. When they post various postures satires the street fashion up to hi-fashion some like “doing something”, “not look at camera” that extremely over act in fashion photography. This context originally in the field of psychology for example Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love and belongingness need, imagine if everyone want to be iconic and disappointed when things go wrong only please to be acceptable. Recently Balenciaga campaign in 2018 playing with this or marc jacob campaign in 2000 by juergen teller.

Truly is all about way of life, how to survive, fashion function so we think of taking real life in photography. Every pieces are film photography. We disguise in funny lively dynamic feelings. Chardchakaj uses medium and large format cameras taking every subject in center position that the way truly looks strongly collide by eyes to camera. The meaning is confidence in making a life, don’t care how social would judge. The most difficult thing and the weapon of every campaigns is communicating with the transform ordinary to be spacial one ,get the final to be super fashion character photography to create the no name to be celebrity in short time.Photographed by Chardchakaj Waikawee

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