Women are intoxicating and addictive. With graceful movements, soft and subtle glances that encourage me to come closer. Once close, I observe quietly like having discovered a rare and beautiful specimen. I feel as if under a spell where the concept of time is no more. The only concept that is real at this point is being struck visually by a physical entity that makes me feel like there is nothing more important in world. This experience can be compared to being in a state of meditation where clarity and mindfulness is present as I become fully aware of her existence. I feel her breath, her eyes flicker as light pierces her pupils, her hair blowing in the wind, fingertips as she caresses, lips as she speaks. I become hypersensitive to her. There is an immense satisfaction of entering this state of mind and it goes beyond sexual desire. This is a deeper connection that does not happen often and has nothing to do with how beautiful, young or old she is.
I might not always have a camera with me when such encounters occur and it is better not to as the experience is richer. The benefit of documenting such an encounter is that years later when I look at the pictures rushes of powerful memories do come flooding back.


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