an old alley walking for favourite lunch

Dress – HOOK’ by Prapakas

1. Yong Noodle Shop.

Our favourite from childhood, the shop has no name, we called them Yong Noodle shop from the first founder Mr. Yong. Now 3 daughters has run this restau since their father passed away. Things that made them so special is HueKuay or fish cake which is handmade and hand fried every morning.Their fishball is homemade and absolutely gorgeous. they open weekday from 10.30 to around 2.00 pm.

Jacket – Prapasiri Namnuan
Prop – HOOK’s by Prapakas

2. Jae Yong: Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese chef , Taisun Ngow, who moved to this area and started this chicken-rice restaurant since 1970, used the chicken which was farming in Nakornnayok to cook his secret recipe for his specialty until now. Even though he passed away, he left this restaurant to his daughter Jae Yong who still used the same farm as she said she trusted. The most trustful for customers is the sauce and the rice which add the chicken’s fat while they cook. At most, 40 whole chickens was consumed on the special day-off.

Jacket + Trousers – All by Everyday Karmakamet

3. Natthaporn Ice-cream

Through 3 generations, this 70-years-old parlour starts from simple Kati ice-cream with nuts. Now you can taste almost 7 varieties each day such as fresh milk, young coconut, black sesame, mahachanok mango, green tea which is original from Japan. everything is hand made and you also enjoy yourself more with loads of toppings. Mrs. Nattaporn said she still have fun selling this special ice-cream everyday without any care for Michelin.

Dress – HOOK’ by Prapakas

4. Seng Sim Eei

Seng Sim Eei means sans-souci and prosperity, Ginkoes, job’s tears, red beans, fava beans, coconut jellies, chinese dates, longan juice were put together with shaved ice, these sweet dessert was served to maintain the joyful moment after meals. There is a special kind called Bok-Kia which is a combination of lotus seeds,dry persimmons, palm seeds boiled in syrup, red beans, sweet potatoes, black jellies,dry chinese dates, boo-kia flour, brown sugar. And there are several kind of syrup choices in service such as normal syrup, longan syrup, sala flavoured syrup, fresh coconut milk, boiled coconut milk with palm sugar syrup, brown sugar syrup.

Jacket – Prapasiri Namnuan
Mask – HOOK’s by Prapakas

5. Jae Juang Pot-stewed Duck Noodles

Inherited from her parent who stewed the hot pot for a long time in Nakornpathom, Jae Juang has started her own business after staying in charge with roasted duck at Thiensong restaurant for more than 20 years.Now at 71, she said she serves for more than 20 ducks per day included pot-stewed duck, slow cook duck in chinese spices and also pot-stewed ossobuco serving with clear broth.

Turtle neck + Jacket + Trousers + Waistcoat – All by Jairanai Pholdee

6. Pig’s brain Thai style

Ju Noa, in Hakka’s Lanquage, the pig brain recipe had been long served since 1958. Clear soup,the family secret recipe, was cook with crispy tarot ball and mackerel fish ball together with fried fish skin and radish to make the unforgettable aroma. The most important is the Pig’s brain which is order from one particular farm who has been supplied since the beginning, This ultra special restaurant opens from 7.00 am till 2.00pm 7 days a week.

Shirt + Jacket + Trousers _ All by Chompunake Junnu

7. Deep-fried Doughstick from Phuket

Changing from Phuket coffee house to Pathongo Phuket to sustain the story of the deep-fried dough which has been established since 1978 here in this old town of Bangkok. To call Pathongo Phuket is because only there that have a tradition of eating with custard dip which they added an fresh coconut milk to enhance its flavour. The flour was carefully sifted before putting the fresh yeast, everything was done by hand in the shop each morning.They open for an early bird from 6.00am to 2pm non-stop.

8. Yui Fried Tarot

This very famous dessert was started from street food vender. You can enjoy the fry such as taro, tofu, radish, everyday except when they was booked for the fair. They only have 1 day close in a month

Top – Supaporn Pitjawong
Trouser – Everyday Karmakamet

9.Ped Ouan : Rice Porridge with Duck

62 years ago, Ung Shun Suun from Shantou, brought his recipe book along with him to open the fast food here in this old town. They served only Duck at first but now they have more varieties of a-la-cart choices.Open from 11.00am till late 11.00pm, Ped Ouan has more from duck to fish, from pig stomach to mince pork. and of course everything was made in the shop from 8.00 in the morning onward.


Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk
Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn
Models by Alex Topmodels, Mateus WM Management, Brandon Browne

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