between the lines

LINE : The [straight or curved] line is the first species of quantity, which has only one dimension, namely length, without any width nor depth, and is nothing else than the flow or run of the point which […] will leave from its imaginary moving some vestige in length, exempt of any width.

Fascinated by varios forms of lines, Brushstrokes and also textures.

Applied effortlessly to dignify facial structures.

Controvesial brows

Brows are one of the most important parts in makeup. Inco-operating fluid line to see how far I can go with thin line effect.

a trip to edinbrough

Absorbing a lot of art works by the maestros from 18th century during my trip to Edinburgh.I interpreted to the texture and surface that are moving while they are being shot.

eyeliner against gravity


Eyelines that float. Bewildered by the lines that try to lift themselves away from where they normally are.




drawing plays a major role of my childhood. What I used to draw is now revitalized on a different canvas.

Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk
Photographer Assistant by Tee Ekkapong Tantiponprasert
Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn
Make Up Andi Soon
Models by Julia, Anna WM management
Style Assistant by Nam Satanun, Miyuki Rtyk


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