ein traum

“Is all that we see or seem, but a dream within a dream?”

Inspire by the poem “a dream within a dream” by American poet, Edgar Allan Poe. Warut Wimolkunarak, a New York-Based fashion photographer and director, recreated the perception of reality and dream with his work, Ein Traum.

a story about a girl who got stuck in her own mind, unable to percieve which is real, which is illusion, trying to find her way out from her own cognition.


Warut Wimolkunarak is a young fashion photographer and director based in New York. After graduated from Department of Motion Pictures and Still Photography, Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, he studied under Nat Prakopsantisuk for sometimes as his assistant before departing for pursuing the master degree at MPS Fashion photo at School of Visual Arts, New York. instagram : styleiceza


Director : Warut Wimolkunarak
Cinematograper : Art Parnitudom
Stylist : Join Chantisa
Model : Indre Aleksiuk
Make Up Artist : Soo Park
Hair Stylist : Jenni Iva Wimmerstedt
Set Designer : Patcha Kitchaicharoen, Daniel Vergara
Behind the scene camera : Tachasit Kunaporn
Colorist : Jake White
Sound : Thanakorn Bamrungkit
Special thanks : Somchai Songwatthana
Producer : Narissara Thanapreechakul
Asst Producer : Padcha Ithijarukul Whiteline Production

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