When I was a kid my world used to be beautiful. But since I started to understand things, I have seen human slaying each other.

Beside from any deadly weapons; human uses words, gender, race and social status to attack another human. I have faced gender issue by myself. Since I was young; I had always been gentle, sensitive and obsessed with painting. Because of those personalities I got mocked and judged as a girl. Just because I had a unique personality, unlike other boys. I had to endure and keep those feelings to myself. The more I get older the more problems and differentiation I have seen. Justice and law are not for everyone. They are tool and privilege for rich people to take advantage of another people. Moreover, since I have moved to New York, the city with most variety in culture and races. This city gave me a clear picture of racial segregation problem.

The world has been cruel to me. I was desperate and hopeless; one and only exit for me is art. So, I started creating a black portal. Representing as a door of freedom. To bring everyone to their own ideal world. Allowing them to adjust this cruel world and able to be and see what they want. No matter how brutal the world is going to be. The black portal will stand for them, encouraging and giving them hope.

















Warehouse 30, Chareonkrung 30 The Jam Factory

GongKan (Kantapon Metheekul) Born and raised in Bangkok . Art School Graduate. Artist and Art D

With a strong background in art and 4 years of experience in top advertising agencies,Kantapon’s creativity extends from advertising to digital art to fine arts. His ability to create various styles of works have won him many advertising awards across the world from Cannes Lion to Clio and Spikes Asia. Obsessed with arts, Kantapon finds inspiration in his hand-drawn illustrations in everyday life, fashion and people’s relationship. He has also illustrated for high-street and luxury fashion brands and has been featured in several publications.


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