Photographer Thanut Treamchanchuchai shot a fashion set inspired by childhood memories of his mother.

Back when I was young, when my mother took me strolling in the park.  We would walk down the path with warm sunlight and fresh smell of grass.  These memories from the 80s came back to me when my father showed me her old pictures.  I later went through a pile of her well kept clothes from the day, so I took it as inspiration and created this set as a tribute to my mother whom I will always and forever adore and love.”

Photographer : Thanut Treamchanchuchai  @thanut_do
Style : Purimphat Nithiwadsopon  @bmvigor
Make up @moly_makeup
Model : Aster Rasasvada  @aster_rsvad from @cultmodelsmgmt
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