With the support of influencers such as Murakami and Offwhite’s Virgil Abloh, Madsaki is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after street artist today with his dramatically reimagined art based on well-known masterpieces.

After graduating with a Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design, Madsaki worked as a messenger by day and an aspiring artist by night in New York City.  It was then that the Osaka-born artist got his trade-name from his friends, when they would call him after work hours to “Go out and drink MAD SAKE“.   After being “discovered” by Takashi Murakami through Instagram, Madsaki move back to Japan and joined Kaikai Kiki, an art gallery in Tokyo that also represents big-name artists such as Murakami, KAWS, Mr. Mister, Lee Ufan and Virgil Abloh.

As an artist, he has journeyed through a plethora of styles ranging from detailed drawings, large scale installations and sculptures.  However it is his recent style that put him in the spotlight.

His recent works have been inspired by (ie. copied and reimagined) previous well known works by masters of fine and commercial arts.  His view is that these painting not only are famous art pieces, but also symbol of the current crazy consumerism in the art industry.  Madsaki’s aim is to portray the craziness of today’s art market by way of pranks with the notion of creating “genuine – wannabes” of the famous art pieces.  His recent “copycat” pieces are based on works by Picasso, Leonardo Davinci, Andy Warhol, and Murakami, as well as familiar scenes from mainstream movies and cartoons.

Madsaki’s exhibition in Bangkok “Combination Platter” opens 18:30 May8th at Central Embassy and will be on until June 3rd 2018.  Madsaki is represented by Galerie Perrotin.


All images courtesy of Galerie Perrotin.
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