Interpretations of Vermeer’s
Vermeer’s paintings are very well known for their depict scenes of daily life. The vibrant saturated colors (reds, yellows and blues) of delft’s women on their clothes, households, warm light from the window that painted on the wall of dutch house, all combine to serenity that dignified the sense of living layers. We start the idea by using all vermeer’s colours he used in certain painting and put them altogether on models clothes in modern fashion. With the modern days’ equipments and devices, we convey the time of now to the image surrounded by vermeer’s light and shadow. After this study, we found the originality of his vision and also the importance of an artist to our own view. Salute to one of the greatest dutch painter, vermeer.

Nat Prakobsantisuk


“in the work of vermeer, the subject of the picture becomes for the first time in the history of art-the object that is contemplated”

Andre Malraux, 1951






Photographed by Nat Prakobsantisuk
Styled by Daneenart Burakasikorn
Make up by Toon Chaidit
Hair by Rang Thep
Model by Victoria OMG Modeling and
Jasmin Kissmodels Bkk
Style Assistant Miyuki Rtyk, Nam Satanun


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