Meet the DJ/Photographer Jedpiya “Gus” Wongwutthichaisilp who frequents DJ gigs at Bangkok’s leading nightclubs, and passionately taking intimate people portraits using various compact film cameras when he finds a chance.

“For me there’s no romance with digital cameras.   Film may be viewed as novelty and “cool” for many of the people of my generation, but for me, it’s not about the coolness.   I just love analog film’s look and I love seeing that image appear through the chemistry and smelling the dark room chemicals.  The processes and the prints has a certain special magic of light and colors. I am always mesmerized by it.”

“As for going into people’s home and take their photos.  I think it make them feel more relax with the comfort and familiarity of their own space.  I want them to be themselves.  I have my studio now, which I now invite people to shoot here.  But it produces a different kind of image.  They are more venerable, which is also interesting”

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